‘Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor’ stars Jesse Csincsak and his wife, Ann Lueders, welcomed son Noah Theodore into the world last week, and the first-time parents are ecstatic about their new bundle of joy.

“Fatherhood is a blast. It’s like hanging out with a mini version of yourself,” Csincsak tells PopEater, adding that he and Ann have been working in shifts to get some much needed shut eye.

“She goes to bed at 8PM, and then I take the 8PM to 2AM shift. Then go to sleep at 2AM, when she picks back up from 2AM to 8AM. Then we get up and have breakfast together as a family,” he says.

Taking an active role in his son’s life, Csincsak isn’t scared of a lot of dirty diapers, helping Ann as much as possible as she continues to heal from her emergency C-section. “I think Noah is doing better than all of us,” Csincsak jokes. “Ann is good but still slow moving because of the surgery, but she is always smiling. That’s one thing I love about her.”
Although Noah is only a few days old, Csincsak is a proud papa and excited to teach his son all the joys of living in Colorado.

“I cant wait to show my son all the fun stuff we do on a daily basis that other people pay to come on vacation and do like snowboarding, snowmobiling, camping, jeeping and rafting,” he adds.

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