Jesse Csincsak knows a thing or two about ABC’s reality dating series, “The Bachelor.” He was the winner of Season 4 of “The Bachelorette,” when Deanna Pappas picked him as her final man (the two split several months later) and he even met his wife, Ann, during a “Bachelor” cast reunion.

Following the premiere of the latest installment of the long running reality series (“The Bachelor” is currently in its 16th season, with winemaker Ben Flajnik as its newest star), Csincsak gave us some behind-the-scenes scoop on what he thinks really goes down on this dating game.

 Do the producers tell the Bachelor that he has to keep certain women?

Jesse: I have been told through the rumor mill that the bachelor or bachelorette pick their final 4 on night one and then the rest of the girls are kept around to create the drama of the show! If you were at a club with 25 girls for 12 hours, could you pick 4 that you wanted to get to know over the next 2 months?

 Are the opening night gimmicks for real or are they staged? What was up with grandma and the girl on the horse?

Jesse: In my opinion it’s totally produced! When was the last time you took your grandma on a first date?? However I think it was smart.

 Any predictions on who Ben chooses?

Jesse: As of now I have no clue, but I hope it’s not a Hollywood fame whore.

 What would you like to see changed on the show, if anything?

Jesse: If the producers would just let everyone be, then someone might actually fall in love naturally? Wow, what a concept!

In the Philadelphia area, “The Bachelor” airs on WPVI Channel 6 on Monday night at 8:00 p.m.

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