Just weeks after news of a nasty lawsuit that was slapped on “Bachelor” spoiler king “Reality Steve” Carbone by ABC producers, a former “Bachelorette” suitor is getting ready to sue “Bachelorette” producer Mike Fleiss.

Jesse Csincsak,  the pro snowboarder who won “Bachelorette” DeAnna Pappas’ heart back on Season 4 of the reality dating show (he later married “Bachelor” Season 13 contestant Ann Leuders), claims that producer Mike Fleiss is a bully who still “thinks he owns” him.

Csincsak, who currently hosts ‘Reality Smackdown,” has posted a Star Magazine article about his impending lawsuit on his website.

While Csincsak says he has not yet filed lawsuit papers, he is reviewing his rights and plans to file any day now. He claims that he has a case of “interference” against the “Bachelor” producer.

 According to Csincsak, Fleiss “never does his dirty work himself” and had another producer call a start- up company that he was getting ready to work with, threatening that he would do anything in his power to keep the biz from being successful if the company worked with Csincsak. The retired snowboarder claims that Fleiss’ tactics have cost him at least $3000 a month in income.

“How would he like it if I took his monthly income from him?” Csincsak asks.

Csincsak, also says that he knows over two dozen past contestants who have been told they would be blacklisted from future “Bachelor” events if they work with him and that there are several more former contestants who have been “screwed over” by Fleiss—and that he could even see a class action lawsuit come out of this in the long run.

Csincsak has long been vocal about his feelings toward the “Bachelor” producer. In a post last month on his blog, Csincsak addressed the Reality Steve lawsuit and said, “I think this lawsuit is a perfect case of ADULT BULLYING !! Reality Steve has no contract with Mike or ABC this is simply a SCARE TACTIC on Mike’s behalf to scare past and future contestants from talking about how he bullies people.”

But now things are getting personal.

Csincsak says his lawsuit is a case of “leave me alone.” As far as an outcome to his lawsuit, Csincsak says, “It’s not about money for me. It’s about rights.”

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