Set to welcome his first child this month with wife Ann Lueders – a baby boy to be named NoahJesse Csincsak already knows want type of father he wants to be.

“The hope for me as a dad is that I will be the cool dad that Noah and all of his friends will want to hang out with via snowboarding, snowmobiling, surfing, camping, and all the other fun stuff we like to do,” the former Bachelor tells PEOPLE.

That said, with the couple already planning a move from snowy Colorado to sunny California, Csincsak and Lueders eventually hope to raise their son by the shore.

“We want to sell one of our two houses here and we have started looking for houses in Huntington Beach, Calif.,” Csincsak explains.

“We both love the beach and think it would be a great place for Noah to be. Whenever he wasn’t snowboarding the mountains of Colorado, he could be surfing the break in Huntington!”

For now, Csincsak is concentrating his efforts on fulfilling Lueders’ cravings — a job which, he jokes, comes with a hefty price to pay. “As far as cravings go, all I can say is … Mexican food! No matter what meal, if I give Ann a choice, her answer will always be Mexican,” he reveals.

“By the end of this pregnancy I’m pretty sure I’ll be walking away with an ulcer from all the spicy food we’ve been eating for the last few months.”

Planning to deliver close to home at a hospital equipped with two helipads, “which is important for a high altitude birth,” Lueders hopes to deliver naturally but is open to an epidural. Her greatest fear for the big day? Being unprepared.

“Ann says her only fear of going into labor is that she will forget to shave her legs that day!” Csincsak laughs.

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