Bachelor alums Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders welcomed their son, Noah Theodore, on Feb. 2 in Colorado. Arriving early in the morning by emergency c-section, Noah is now happily settled in at home with his proud parents.

The new dad shares a photo and short blog with, and also asks that you vote for him on the Popchips Facebook page, where he’s just applied to be the VP of Popchips to work alongside Ashton Kutcher.


After 20 hours of labor, the baby’s heartbeat kept dropping rapidly so the doctors knew something was up. What they didn’t know is that Noah’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. Ann was so tired after 20 hours of labor that when they told her she needed to have a c-section she was like, “Let’s just do whatever is gonna be best for the baby.”

When he came out, he was all blue from head to toe and wasn’t breathing. They had to resuscitate him with one of those pump bags over his face … Ann was looking at me going, “Is he okay?” She couldn’t see him because of the sheet they had in front of her face during surgery and he wasn’t crying when he came out. I just looked at her, squeezed her hand and just as I said, “He’s gonna be okay” he began to cry!

Ann is recovering nicely. Every day she gets a little bit stronger and the look in her face when she sees our son is priceless. We are a happy family! Breastfeeding was a slow start but now Noah’s a drinker! And as any parent will tell you it doesn’t matter what you had to go through to bring your child into this world, it is ALWAYS worth it. Kids are amazing!

– Jesse Csincsak

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