Now that he’s officially married, Jesse Csincsak is ready to initiate the next phase of his life. But first, he needs some sleep.
“The whole weekend has gone by so quickly,” the former Bachelorette star said Sunday, one day after marrying Ann Lueders in Las Vegas’s Rumor Hotel. “I haven’t had a minute to nap or anything. I think I’ve had 12 hours of sleep in three days.”

The delirium is worth it though, as Csincsak and Lueders, both 28, tied the knot Saturday in an outdoor ceremony before a slew of alumni from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Both the bride and groom were on the show – Csincsak in the fourth season of The Bachelorette, while Lueders starred on The Bachelor‘s 13th season.

“I’m ecstatic,” said former Bachelor Jason Mesnick, who attended the wedding with his wife, Molly. “Jesse and I have this weird history because two years ago when we were doing The Bachelorette, we said we were going to be there for each other no matter what. At the time we thought it was going to be somebody else, obviously. In a small, strange way he ends up marrying someone from my Bachelor season, and it’s just come full circle.”

In true Bachelor fashion, the party continued Sunday, as well, with the couple and their wedding guests having a public pool party at Rumor.

A veritable Who’s Who of the Bachelor-Bachelorette franchise, such former cast members as Vienna Girardi, Chris Bradshaw, John Hardesty, Brian Westendorf, Suzie Williams, Arthur Webb, David Vargas and Renee Simlak were spotted lounging poolside, as were Bachelor Pad cast members, David Good, Jesse Kovacs, Nikki Kaapke, Elizabeth Kitt and Natalie Getz. Csincsak’s childhood friend Louie Vito, an Olympic snowboarder and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, also attended the ceremony

“I’m just loving life,” Csinscak said. “I have a gorgeous, gorgeous bride. I’m so psyched.” The couple are also expecting their first child together, as Lueders is four-months pregnant.

Next up for the newlyweds: a honeymoon at “a secret location,” Csincsak said. “Then we’re going to go back to Colorado, pick up our two Siberian Huskies and start our life in Colorado.”