Here we are back again with my Yahoo exclusive blog for week 8 of ABC’s The Bachelorette season 7 with Ashley Hebert. I’m Jesse Csincsak and I am here with my behind the scenes opinions about what I saw on last night’s show.

This week kicks off the hometown dates, and Ashley has a whole new glow about herself. It’s kind of refreshing to see, really. I am interested to see how she handles the coming weeks when there are a lot more feelings attached to the decisions she is making! This is when the toll of saying goodbye will really start to get tough.

Hometown dates are not just hard for the Bachelorette — being one of the guys isn’t easy either. When you go to your own hometown you don’t get to stay at your house. Instead, No No, Production gets you a nice little 12×12 hotel room to sit in while you wait for your lady love. They want to make sure they know where you are at all times and what you are doing. The production team doesn’t allow you to talk to your best friend or your family on your home phone a 2:00 am. Nope, it isn’t in the cards! You can’t be telling them what you have been up to, because it could spoil the show! So, unfortunately, the hometown dates aren’t “homey” since the team keeps your thoughts at bay during your visit.

If you told your story to friends pre-taping, your interactions with everyone on camera wouldn’t come across as genuine and real. When each of the bachelors knocks on the front door at their houses to introduce their family to Ashley, it really is the first time they have seen them in more than 5 weeks! That is why everyone is hugging and almost in tears, which in turn makes for great tv.

Take Off To Cummings, Georgia with Constantine:

I really liked this hometown, because when you introduce your so-called girl to your family, you want an honest opinion from them on what they think. I loved that his family was warm and welcoming to Ashley. It wasn’t to over the top and it also wasn’t like she was trying out for a team sport. Constantine’s family was chill and observant. They were very normal and I liked that.

Also, Constantine wasn’t trying to overdue anything to try to impress her. He took her to his work (Giorgio’s, the restaurant) and showed her what he does — no bells and whistles involved. Well done, in my book! He says straight out of the car, “This is my business and my family and I work very hard at it!” Constantine’s confidence in his business shows that he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and isn’t afraid to show her who he really is!

Alright, onto Constantine’s family. Was it just me, or did Constantine’s Dad seem like he jumped out of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Windex, anyone? He seems like a great guy and I loved his honest opinions. I also enjoyed his Mom’s no-nonsense attitude and ability to really tell it like it is. She said everything is good and fine when you’re jetsetting on someone else’s dime, but what about when that’s over? It was even more refreshing to see Constantine’s Dad pipe in and say that it takes a long time to really get to know someone and that’s something you can’t force! I love that they stand behind their son, but keep his reality in perspective!

Ames Heads To Pennsylvania:

Ok, let’s start with the fact that I think Ames is a great guy and obviously very intelligent! However, I feel as if his hometown date was a bit weird and over the top! How many people do you know that sit with their boyfriend’s sister and talk about their relationship with them by their massive indoor pool and jacuzzi? Are we trying out for a swim team, showing off our massive homes or really focusing on Ames and the matter at hand? It almost seemed like Ames’ sister was trying to sell Ashley a used car or something!

When Ames talks with his sister, it seemed like she was coaching the whip-smart financier on how to show Ashley that he’s really into her? At that point I felt like we were programming a robot. I am a huge fan of being yourself, no matter what! Once the one-on-one coaching began, it seemed like it spelled Ames’ demise.

Next Ames starts rambling about his favorite Magnolia tree, which he was overly excited about it being in bloom. This would be fine, except I’m not sure that is in the cool guy’s book of pick up lines? I think with Ames, we really needed to see him just being himself and letting his guard down — and I don’t think we or Ashley did.

To top off the date, Ames takes Ash for a ride in a horse and buggy. Were those Ames’ two butlers driving that thing? For me, it was all too much, but again that is just my opinion. Some girls may really like the Mr. Darcy act. Ames, buddy — I got nothing but love for you! I really wonder if the edited version of Ames is totally different than the real life Ames, but I wont know until I meet him!

Ben’s Sprawling Sonoma Vineyards:

I want to start off by pointing out that this guy is in the zone, when it comes to dating! Ben already owns a winery, and I think that the romance factor of vineyards and wine tasting give him a huge romantic edge over the other guys. Basically, Ben is like the LeBron James of “Bachelor.” It would be like LeBron doing a hometown date on a basketball court! Tough to beat!

Ben really opens up to Ashley, and you can see his confidence grow. He straight up tells Ashley that if she cant get along with his Mom and sister that it will be a deal breaker! Well done, man! Ben’s sister came across as very protective, but I am sure there is a huge back story behind her behavior, but I doubt we will ever see it. I really liked seeing Ben talk about his Dad and break down in tears! In my opinion any man who is scared to cry at some point is not a real man! With all that being said, I don’t think Ben is leaving anytime soon. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him as the last man standing!

JP Is New York Born and Bread:

I think JP was smart for choosing a fun hometown date activity. JP took Ash roller-skating, and the pair looked like they were having a blast! It is super important to be able to have fun when you’re on your hometown, because it really helps take the pressure off the experience. Then JP goes on to tell Ashley that he is lost without her, which is awesome! Even though Ashley can’t say things like that to JP she sure does love to hear them and it could have a factor on who she picks in the end.

Having a hometown visit with no stress and a positive vibe from the family is the key to going on to the next round of exotic dates! The cool thing about JP’s mom, was she put both Ashley and JP on the spot — first with her firing questions at Ash, and then with JP’s mullet photo! A family that can laugh together is a great quality! It just shows how real they are, plus parents love doing that silly stuff!

Onto the Rose Ceremony

  • 1. Ben
  • 2. JP
  • 3. Constantine

Ames is in shock when she sends him home! Sorry bud, keep your chin up you will find another lady.

Like I said the key to exotics is a mellow hometown and I think Ames got sent packing because it was just too much! At the end of the day, money can’t buy love.

Next week the exotic dates begin in Fiji, which looks like it will be filled with crying and more drama!

Who does Ashley’s sister tell her is not for her? And who comes all the way to Fiji?

Tune in next week same place, same time!

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