Jesse Csincsak hosted another ‘Bachelorette Beatdown’ last night on They started out talking about Ames and his hometown date. Chris Lambton pointed out that he looked rich. He had an indoor pool, horse carriage, and more at his home. Craig said that Ames won him over this week and it was a different planet to him.

Ashley Spivey called Ames adorkable. She said that he is nerdy, but adorable at the same time. He wants to treat someone well and she really did like him. Jesse thought that his sister was coaching him about on the show just like a robot. David Good thought Ames was awesome and he is going to miss him on the show.

Jesse Kovaks picked Ben F as his favorite for Ashley. He said it is moving slowly, but he thinks with some time it could be the best one. Trista Sutter also said she loves Ben and last night his emotional side showed more.

Jesse Csincsak loved that Constantine took Ashley to his work. Natalie and Marissa both thought he was hot. Marrisa loved seeing the reaction from the people at his restaurant. Tenley and Kiptyn were both fans of him.

David Good is a bit concerned about JP being able to handle everything in the press once the show is over. Ashley Spivey really likes JP. She said you can tell Ashley really likes him when she was talking to his mom.

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