On Monday night, fans got to see the premier of ‘The Bachelor’ 2012 with Ben Flajnik. They have been waiting for months for the show to return. Jesse Csincsak was a past winner of the show and in an exclusive interview he shared his opinions of Ben’s first night on the show. Here is what Jesse had to say:

What did you think of Ben’s first night as ‘The Bachelor’?

I think Ben was Real I loved his comments like they saved the best for last ! It shows me he’s being real !!

A few girls pulled out all the stops when introducing themselves to Ben. What did you think about Lindzi riding up on a horse and Brittney bringing her grandma along?

Loved the interesting entrances Love the originality!! Thought the Grandma gig was totally done by producers as was the horse but nothing bad from either other than the attention and drama it will bring on the girls going along with those pet tricks.

Do you think Anna Snowball walking right past Ben and not even saying hello is why he sent her home?

I think she was brought on the show just to do a dumb stunt just like that Hello Anna goodbye Anna !! Thanks for being produced.

What did you think about Monica being more into the women then Ben?

I think they asked those girls to do that and are keeping them around for some good drama.

Do you have any early favorites on this season of ‘The Bachelor’?

I like the girl from Tennessee Kacie B and LOVED the girl Amber T who was good with a shotgun but she got sent home !!
The girls who got sent home for the most part were the normal sober girls and probably refused to be produced and that’s why they got sent home!
My Beautiful Bride Ann Lueders was sent home on night 1 by producers because she refused to be produced and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me !! I LOVE YOU HONEY !!

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