‘The Bachelor’ 2012 is now airing in the Oklahoma City area. This week fans saw week 7 where they headed to Belize. After the show, I spoke with Jesse Csincsak, winner of ‘The Bachelorette’ season 4, via email about this season of the show. Here is what Jesse thinks about this week.

What was your favorite date this week?

Hmm Lets see They Re Produced Jason Mesnicks Season #4 Shark diving date and all the rest I needed a glass of wine to make it through each one. So let me say this week was a sad repeat of tons of other dates but Belize seemed rad I think I will take AnnCsincsak there one day!!

Were you surprised to see some emotion and tears from Courtney Robertson?

Nope the producers are just trying to make her seem like a sweetheart but I have never met a whore who was a sweetheart so #EPICFAIL.

What did you think about Courtney sticking around another week even though the girl’s warned Ben about her?

Total production move in my book if Courtney wasn’t here this show would put people to sleep! You gotta have a dirtball to add a bit of spice to the love story.

Were you shocked with his eliminations?

The only one I didn’t see was Nikki. I had Rachel staying Nikki going but the rest were as expected.

Who do you see going home next week?

Nikki is gone next week 4 sure.

Do you think this season of ‘The Bachelor’ 2012 is getting boring?

The last season of the bachelor that was fun to watch was my boy Jason Mesnick! Jake’s was a train wreck and so was Brads!!

‘The Bachelor’ 2012 is now airing in the Oklahoma City area on Mondays at 7:00 pm CST each week. Don’t miss it next week when they go on their hometown dates.

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