In this exclusive interview, Jesse Csincsak talks about ‘The Bachelor’ 2012 and what he thinks of Shawntel Newton returning to the show. Jesse has nothing but great things to say about her! Monday night’s episode was shocking to fans in the Oklahoma City area.

Here is what Jesse had to say about episode 3 of ‘The Bachelor’ 2012 with Ben Flajnik:

The producers made it where the girls could see Emily’s date with Ben through a telescope. What did you think about them adding this twist?

The Producers Always do this crap. I have been saying this for the past few seasons now… This date was almost a total repeat of what they did to Michelle Money twice on Brad’s season!!
When you apply to be on this show, they make you fill out this huge packet telling them everything including things your deathly afraid of so for like the past 5 seasons they take the one thing your deathly afraid of and make you do it ! It’s just a repeat season after season different person with a fear of heights !! Then once the date is going they are like ohhh girls look out the window at their date they have also done this in numerous seasons!

The group date was a first for ‘The Bachelor.’ Did you see the bikini skiing as a good original date?

Since I was a Professional Snowboarder for 15 yrs it was a poor excuse to get girls in Bikinis ! NO ONE WOULD EVER DO THIS ! It wasn’t even real snow it was ground up ice from a local Zamboni !

What did you think of Brittney leaving the show? Was it a good choice?

I think I speak for anyone who has ever been a contestant on this show when I say to Brittney WE APPLAUD YOU !! She got tired of being woken up super early every morning and told what to say and do and she pulled the plug realizing you can’t find love like this its not natural ! Then they had Ben do a voice over after his season was shot to say I am not real sure about my feelings for Brittney ! LAME !! I like that Brittney left !!

Lindzi Cox got the date meant for Brittney. Did you think it was odd they never mentioned that on the show?

Again Production is out of original ideas so they are recycling ideas this date was a perfect example of that ! I just felt bad for Lindz.

What do you think of the producers letting Shawntel Newton show back up?


Were you surprised Ben did not keep Shawntel around for at least a week?

I think Ben does what he’s told plain and simple !!

‘The Bachelor’ 2012 is now airing in the Oklahoma City area on Mondays at 7:00 pm CST.

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