Jesse Csincsak is a past winner of ‘The Bachelorette’ and knows how it is to deal with the pressure after the show is over. Today he gave me his true and honest opinions about the break up between Emily Maynard and Brad Womack. We also discussed her interview with Chris Harrison.

As a previous winner of the show, do you think Brad and Emily could have made it without the pressures of the media?  

Call me crazy I think Emily is sweet and all but I don’t think she was ready for another relationship yet… And Brad even though a good dude was kind of a relationship mess

You are the father of a young child. Do you still deal with cameras and paparazzi following you around? Do you think they will give Emily and Ricki a break now that she has done this interview?

I think when you put yourself out there in front of 15 million people an episode that your face and life is bound to end up in places you don’t want… Its power for the course and if you don’t want to deal with that THEN DON’T GO ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!

Emily said that Brad and she both turned down ABC on doing an interview when they first asked. Do you think that they made the choice to speak out now or do you think ABC told them it was time?

I think ABC probably offered Emily to be the next bachelorette with a huge price tag upwards of 50 -100k and said look what that money could do for your daughter and made this interview one of the stipulations

By doing ‘The Bachelor’, do you feel like Emily gave America the right to wonder how the story turns out in the end?

Ok so I am gonna address something and I am not pointing any fingers here but all these people who go on the show and than don’t want cameras around afterwards should have there heads checked!! Really dude?? Also all these producers who make 100+K a year and run this show who make and break peoples lives everyday on TV then when they have a scandal and it hits the magazines they talk crap about all the magazines GIVE ME A BREAK !!! ALL THESE PRODUCERS LOVE MAKING GOOD TV AND MAKING PEOPLES LIFES TOUGH UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO THEM THEN OHHHHHHH Woahhh is me… Give me a break!! Get over yourselves already and deal with it!!!

 Do you think that Brad and Emily’s fairy tale is over? Do you see any chance of them getting back together now?

Like I said months ago EMILY WILL NEVER MARRY BRAD Plain and simple call me crazy they are both great people I am sure but not great together!

What do you think of speculation that Emily will be the next woman cast as ‘The Bachelorette’?

I agree 100%.

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