Many people in the United States now have a fear for their safety after the Colorado shooting. Yesterday I was given the chance to interview Chad the owner of RealDealGuns about his increase in sales since the shooting and more.

Last November, Chad decided to start a website that would help people to be able to purchase guns from their home at a great price. He set up the site RealDealGuns and things have done so well that by February he quit his day job. This is now his full time job.

On his site, you can purchase guns, parts, and other tactical products. One thing that he is very proud of is that he adds about 25 new products every single day and they do in house testing on these products. He makes sure everything works before you buy it. Because of his way of doing things, he now has over 5,000 customers and has had less than 10 returns total since he opened. Chad has happy customers that he has says return when they are looking for a new item.

When you purchase a gun from RealDealGuns, it will be shipped to your local store to be picked up. Jesse Csincsak of “The Bachelorette” 2012 is a customer. He said that when he picked his gun up in Colorado last week the store had a lot of mothers with children trying to figure out how to keep their kids safe.

Chad of RealDealGuns said that his sales have increased 25% since the shooting. With very little overhead, his prices are some of the best you will find. He is not taking advantage of the losses, but is helping educate people on how they can protect their family in the future.You can save about 10%-15% by buying your firearms online. There is no tax if you purchase outside of Ohio and he also has free shipping set up on the entire site.

Check out RealDealGuns for your next purchase! You can also email them at If you prefer to call them, you can at 1-888-892-2889.

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