“The Bachelorette Beatdown”panelist Ashley Spivey told viewers Tuesday she thinks current “Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert is having “a tough time” and is “completely messed up at this point.”

“I think that I can’t really put myself in her shoes because I’ve never been in that position, but I think she has a lot of people telling her one thing, and then she knows what she’s seen with certain people … those things are conflicting, and it’s completely messing her up,” said the former “Bachelor” contestant, who was eliminated by Brad Womack while on a two-on-one date with best friend Ashley Hebert.

‘Bachelorette’ insider Jesse Csincsak: William was only worried about himself
Ashley’s decision to ask for a closure meeting with bad boy Bentley Williams, who used his daughter as an excuse to leave the show when he was finished toying with the bachelorette’s emotions, has made viewers question whether Ashley was ready for this journey, and members of “The Bachelorette Beatdown” panel are feeling the same way.

“I feel like she’s going through the motions,” said Dave Good (“The Bachelorette”), adding that he still doesn’t feel Ashley is mature enough to settle down – a comment many of the other panelists have been making since episode one.
Trista Sutter, who was the first “Bachelorette,” said it takes someone feeling secure with who they are to really find lasting love on the show.

“You do need to have security; you need to be confident and know what you’re looking for,” she told viewers. “I think what she’s struggling with is not having the security in herself, and I think that’s showing now.”

Based on what we’ve seen up until this point, it’s hard to disagree with any of the panelists, but it was former “Survivor” castaway Eliza Orlins who made the best point of the hour:
“What I think is kind of ridiculous is that in two weeks she’s going to be engaged to somebody else … how is she gonna end up with one of these guys and start a serious relationship with him when she has these feelings for Bentley a week earlier than when she gets engaged.”

To hear what the panel – Jesse Csincsak, Natalie Getz, Marissa May, Dave Goode, Jesse Kovacs, Wes Hayden, Ashley Spivey, Eliza Orlins and special guests – had to say about William’s motives, Ames knockout and the possibility of Ashley being in on the Bentley situation, check out RTVZone.com  for this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette Beatdown.”

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