ABC may have shut the door on the over-dramatic, tear-filled, holy-whoa closet that was “Bachelor Pad” season 2, but Jesse Csincsak and crew are kicking it open with one final edition of “Bachelor Pad Beatdown,” one that will spill all of the secrets ABC didn’t want you to know – you know, the stuff we actually care at, not the stuff the network claims you should care about.

The two-part, special edition, dubbed “After the Final Beatdown,” premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 and Tuesday, Sept. 27. A post on Jesse’s website teases the following topics: Graham Bunn’s backstage brawl with Justin Rego; Blake Julian and Holly Durst’s shocking engagement; and the truth behind the breakup of uber-cute couple Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon.

Now, I’m sure you’re reading this thinking, “Nah, I don’t need to watch that. I read all of the online interviews. I watched the season finale’s reunion special. I know everything there is to know.” But I’m fairly sure this interview with this season’s cast will go a little different since this interview won’t take place with ABC’s PR posse breathing down their necks.

That’s right; I said this season’s cast. Michelle Money, Kasey Kahl, Vienna Girardi, Erica Rose, William Holman and Jackie Gordon will join the usual crew for Beatdown. How can you not be excited, and how can you even think about not tuning in? It’s just not an option!

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