Jesse Csincsak, “Bachelorette” season 4 winner, says Jake Pavelka was “saving face, 100%” when he apologized to Vienna Girardi and tried to make amends with Kasey Kahl on the “Bachelor Pad” season 2 premiere Monday.

“I think Jake sat in a room with his PR team for days going over every possible scenario of what might happen and how to handle it,” Jesse said in an email Tuesday. “He isn’t sincere about anything he does, except being famous … Jake is like a robot.”

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Monday’s premiere was truly all about the trio. ABC spent so much time hyping up the reunion that it was a little disappointing when there wasn’t a giant blowup, but Jake’s actions were shocking, to say the least. Not only did Jake pull Kasey aside to privately wish he and Vienna the best, but Jake decided to save Vienna for the week and apologize to her for his behavior when they were last together (their explosive breakup special on ABC). Vienna’s actions, however, were not as surprising. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with Jake, was terrified to be alone with him, and spent much of the first mixer trying to get the other houseguests on her side.

So, does Jake’s apology mean the trio is moving on? Probably not. But even if they do, there is more drama brewing in this house than could fit in three seasons of “Bachelor Pad,” so stick around because it is going to be a very bumpy ride!

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Jesse Csincsak “Bachelor Pad” Q & A, week one:

Vienna is the first person that comes to mind when you think of drama and “The Bachelor,” but who do you think will turn out to be “Bachelor Pad” season 2’s biggest drama queen?

Vienna is young and Jake really hurt her back in the day. She will forever be scarred from it. Jake however gave an apology just so he could redeem himself for looking like a wife beater on the last confrontation he had with her.

Vienna and Kasey obviously orchestrated last night’s elimination? How long do you think their reign of power will last? Do you think they can win the game?

I think Kasey and V will last a while – they are both REAL and as much as you wanna hate someone that’s real, at the end of the day THEY ARE REAL and you gotta respect that!!

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Viewers definitely got a glimpse into the real relationship between Vienna and Kasey tonight. Do you think we will see more fights between Vienna and Kasey, Vienna and Jake, or Jake and Kasey?

I don’t see Jake lasting much longer than two or three more episodes – he is gonna rub people the wrong way with his awkwardness!

I was FLOORED to see Ames Brown kissing Jackie Gordon on the second day! Were you surprised to see someone who had moved so slow with his last girlfriend moving so fast with a potential new one? And what did you think of the couple’s strategy to team with other houseguests instead of each other?

Love Ames, and I am glad he’s happy! Hope Ames will Tutor @Lilsak (Jesse’s son, Noah) for me in a few years! Great strategy teaming up with other people.

Who are you rooting on to win the $250,000 prize?

I hope Michelle Money wins!!

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