Viewers’ hearts broke on Monday night watching Bachelorette Ashley Hebert say goodbye to Ames Brown, but insider Jesse Csincsak said he wasn’t surprised Ames’ hometown date, which gave viewers a small taste of the wealthy life Ames appears to live, didn’t lead to a rose. “I honestly felt bummed for him, too, but I just didn’t see the fit between the two of them,” Jesse said in an email Tuesday. “I think Ashley wants a normal guy, not some dude with butlers driving her around the castle on horse and carriage.”

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Ames’ hometown date was sweet and relaxed, with Ashley meeting several members of his family, but the environment was different – not worse, just different – than the hometowns of the other men; Ashley didn’t seem to fit in Ames’ life as well as she fit in the lives of J.P., Ben and Constantine. It wasn’t a huge surprise to see the 31-year-old portfolio manager eliminated – viewers never saw a spark between the pair – and it was even less of a surprise to see Ames leave with his dignity in tack. Yes, he had his quiet moment in the limo, but he never broke down in front of Ashley and left wishing her all the best.


More of ‘Bachelorette’ insider Jesse Csincsak’s thoughts on episode eight:

Overall, how do you think the hometown dates went?

I think that J.P’s., Ben’s and Constantine’s dates all were equally good … But Ames’ was way to over the top in my book … talks by the massive indoor pool and Jacuzzi, rides on a horse and carriage with the butlers driving, then his sister coaching him on what to do next with Ashley … if you can’t be yourself who can you be? Your sister shouldn’t be telling you how to act around a girl.

There weren’t really any bad moments during the hometown dates, but which date do you think went the best?

Personally, I liked Constantine’s hometown the best. He took her to his job, showed her the family business – was just himself and didn’t try to impress her. I liked that.

Ashley called Constantine’s hometown date the best of all of the hometown dates, but you said last week you think it will be Ben and J.P. in the end. Any change of thought after watching Ashley and Constantine’s hometown date?

Just because Constantine’s hometown date was the best doesn’t mean anything other than he’s going to the exotic dates. It has no correlation on who’s the front runner, but it does take some overall stress off of the overall experience and lets her know that his family isn’t crazy!!!

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The previews for next week were pretty interesting – and, of course, very vague. Any guesses as to what goes wrong between J.P. and who shows up at Ashley’s door?

I have a feeling that her and J.P. get into how the hometowns went, then into some deep conversation about the future and have a disagreement – only time will tell … I would have to guess if anyone comes back its Ryan P or Ames coming back like, ‘Hey, I REALLY LOVE YOU give me another chance.’

Viewers also saw a preview for the season finale, which airs in two weeks. A surprising twist seems to be one of Ashley’s family members telling her a certain bachelor isn’t the right man for her. Any guesses as to which bachelor the family member is referring to?

Well, the way it works is exotics, then the final two meet the family. Since I think Constantine goes home next, I bet it has to be J.P. or Ben who they say isn’t a good fit. I would venture to say the sister isn’t a Ben fan since he seems like a conservative wine maker from northern Cali and the sister is covered in tattoos, which tells me that she isn’t conservative – just a guess though. I just could see the sister being into the shaved-head guy verses the long-haired mellow wine maker.

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