“The Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert may have been surprised to see J.P. Rosenbaum acting jealous and lacking his usual cool-as-a-cucumber attitude, but according to “Bachelorette” insider Jesse Csincsak, there is nothing wrong with the way J.P. reacted to Ashley’s impromptu overnight date with Ben Flajnik.

“It is very easy to get jealous when watching other guys with the Bachelorette,” Jesse said in an email Tuesday. “You just have to keep your head on straight and pretend you’re the only guy there.”

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J.P. was the only bachelor to have a near-breakdown when Ryan didn’t return home from his date until the morning, and we definitely saw him start to unravel during the group date, which consisted of Ashley taking wedding photos with J.P., Lucas and Ames. But J.P. did the smart thing, opting to tell Ashley how he was feeling instead of letting it fester, which we all know ultimately leads to a blow up every time. To reassure him of her feelings, Ashley gave J.P. the group-date rose, making him the only man to secure a hometown date prior to the rose ceremony.

We didn’t get much info about Ben and Ashley’s night together. How close do you think they got? And how come it wasn’t brought up after the fact?

I think that JP & Ben will be (the) final 2 guys standing, with Constantine 3rd … I think that Ashley has an equal connection with both Ben and JP, but they are hiding the Ben story to keep us at bay

Ashley and Constantine are moving pretty slow – even Ashley has pointed that out. Do you think this is a good sign or a bad sign as far as Ashley’s feelings go?

I think Constantine is smart saying we will move at our own speed – no speeding us up or slowing us down … we are gonna take it as it comes

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Ryan was stunned by his elimination despite being the only bachelor who hadn’t had a one-on-one date with Ashley prior to arriving in Thailand. Do you think he really didn’t see it coming? Did you see it coming?

Ryan and Lucas were both kept there by producers in my book! There was no physical connection with either of those guys … usually 2 guys ever season that get kept around until this point – now the show will start to get good … final 4 is all Ashley, no producers picking guys to stay anymore

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