The identities of “The Bachelor” season 16’s bachelorettes may have been revealed today, but it’s doubtful anyone will care what with the news of “Bachelor” producers bringing a lawsuit against infamous reality-TV spoiler RealitySteve. According to an article published by Hollywood Reporter today, NZK productions and Alternative Television, Inc. are suing Steve Carbone for soliciting non-public information about “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” – a lawsuit that seems to be a long-time coming. The article also includes excerpts from emails allegedly written by Carbone promising $2,500 to a participant for information about his/her season.

‘Bachelor’ season 16 bachelorettes revealed: run Ben, run!

Amid these allegations, “Bachelorette” alumni Jesse Csincsak is speaking out, claiming he thinks RealitySteve should stick to his day job but also Mike Fleiss, “Bachelor” series producer, should start paying his cast to possibly avoid leaks.

“I think if Mike Fleiss wasn’t so cheap and actually paid the cast like every other TV show then they wouldn’t leak show stuff for money,” Jesse wrote in an email Wednesday, adding that Fleiss’s production company didn’t go cheap when trying to find out who was feeding information to RealitySteve. Jesse said Next Entertainment offered him $30,000 last year to uncover the true source of the leaks; unfortunately, he was unable to find out anymore more than it was someone in editing, therefore, was unable to collect.

In his email, Jesse went on to say: “I think RealitySteve has no knowledge of what really on with the show other than what he’s told by his source … that would be like me writing a weekly blog about Barbie dolls and calling myself an expert when really I am being fed info from someone who works for a Barbie doll company.”

Despite his discontent for both parties, Jesse won’t be taking sides in this lawsuit.

“I hope Mike Fleiss loses the lawsuit just so he realizes that he can’t push people around anymore … but I also hope that this lawsuit teaches RealitySteve to stick to what he knows, and that’s not ‘The Bachelor’.”

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