“Bachelorette”bachelor William Holman may have told viewers he was only looking out for Ashley Hebert when he told her Ben Castoriano had let the other men in on his plans for Internet dating once the show was finished filming, but “Bachelorette” insider Jesse Csincsak is calling his bluff!

“He’s full of CRAP … all he’s worried about is himself,” Jesse said in an email Tuesday. “I think it’s totally ridiculous that she listened to PIN HEAD William but wouldn’t listen to Michelle Money about Bentley.”

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You could easily say to William: karma is a b*tch! You could see in his eyes he felt he had won when Ashley abruptly eliminated Ben on the trio’s two-on-one date, but it wasn’t long before William got his; Ashley sent him packing during dinner, saying she just didn’t feel the spark anymore. Not only did William look like an arrogant idiot to viewers, but he left feeling like a jack*ss.

More of Jesse Csincsak’s thoughts on “The Bachelorette” episode five:

Ashley has had some dangerous dates this season – first the roast and now Muay Thai boxing. Do you think these dates can actually help her find the love of her life?

I think these dates make for good TV, and that’s about it. The only dates she does that are good for her are the simple dates like the market dates or just normal stuff … how many people (do) you know (who) are married because they met at Muay Thai kick boxing??? 0 – that’s how many

Ashley has kept Lucas and Blake in the game, but I constantly hear and read people wondering who these guys even are because we never see her with them. Why do we only see or hear from certain bachelors when they receive a rose?

The winner is someone we haven’t seen a lot of;  the producers hide the winner until the end (because) it makes for good TV ! The winner is the sleeper!

During an interview two weeks ago, eliminated bachelor Jeff Medolla said there were still a few men in the house who were not there for Ashley. Any guesses as to who has alternative motives for sticking around?

Fame, Fortune, Girls need I go on? Two out of 25 are there for the right reasons on any given season!!

In last week’s preview and in this week’s preview viewers saw Bentley’s return as well as the men’s negative reaction to learning Ashley requested a meeting with him. How do you think this whole thing is going to pan out?

Ashley is gonna take a ton of heat for how this season went down; I am just interested to sit back and watch how it all goes down! All the magic happens in the editing room!


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