“Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert needs to start standing by her decisions, no matter the reaction of her bachelors, according to insider Jesse Csincsak.

“She needs to do whatever it is she would normally do or not do any of it at all … if she really would have done that in real life than by all means tell the guys, but it’s like she makes a decision and (then) doesn’t stand behind it, which makes her look immature,” Jesse said in an email Tuesday, referring to Ashley telling her remaining bachelors she had met with rejected bachelor Bentley Williams in Hong Kong – a decision that completely backfired and made one bachelor walk out (you’ll never believe who left!).

More of Jesse Csincsak’s thoughts on “The Bachelorette” episode six:

No surprise, Bentley perpetuated all the lies he told the first time he was on the show during his meeting with Ashley on Monday’s episode. What was going through your head listening to Bentley and Ashley talk in the hotel room in Hong Kong?

I feel like Bentley is use to talking to girls saying absolutely nothing until they are so confused they do exactly what he wants. He should have his own show in Las Vegas with Penn & Teller!!! UNREAL – So I flew all the way here to see you woke up this morning put on my shirt and you understand where I am coming from right??? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BENTLEY?

Bad boy Bentley Williams returns to ‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert in Hong Kong, but does he stick around?
Since this is probably – hopefully – the last time we will be discussing Bentley, I have to ask: all of the rejected bachelors eliminated to date have had nothing but amazing things to say about Bentley, including that all he ever talked about was his daughter; do you think the men got to see the real Bentley while viewers and Ashley got duped?

Well, normally I would say he got the classic Villain edit – all done in the editing room like WES – but since Michelle Money already called him out I am gonna say he got what was coming to him  

Ashley appears to be digging Ryan, but the men are so over him. Do you think the men are sometimes a better judge of the bachelors than the bachelorette?

I think that the editing room digs Ryan and once it gets down to final 4 or 3 Ryan will go BYE BYE because that’s’ when Ashley will be calling most of all the shots
Ben mentioned that he wasn’t upset he didn’t receive the group-date rose, he was just upset Ryan received it. Is that ever actually true, or are the guys just jealous?

Guys get Jealous too but production giving Ryan the date rose creates drama which equals great TV … Every good TV show has Problem Drama Solution!!

Unlike the other men, J.P. took the news of Bentley’s return really well. Why do you think he reacted so positively? Do you think it is a sign of good things to come for the couple? And do you think it might mean he has more serious feelings for her?

You have to remember that the producers are trying to sell us on JP as the winner so they want to give him the Price edit … he is a great candidate for the next bachelor (and) with that being said, he could have said it’s not cool that you did that but thank you for being honest and all we heard was the part that said thanks for being honest … the editing room can do whatever they want

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