The Bachelorette Beatdown

Former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants are taking honesty to the extreme on’s new weekly recap series “The Bachelorette Beatdown,” giving viewers their opinions of what went down on the week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” in the most no-holds-bar way possible.

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TV critics would probably bash this show, calling it an amateur hour and a complete mess, but as a longtime fan of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” I think the show is nothing short of amazing, and I think similar fans will love the weekly series for the same reason TV critics would hate it. Nothing is more frustrating than watching reality TV stars hold back their true thoughts and feelings, so it is nice to finally see them let loose and say exactly what we (the viewers) are thinking. The setting may be rough, but the comments are authentic. Amateur hour or not, this is a must-watch weekly event!

And as I’ve already mentioned, this panel is taking honesty to the extreme. On the series premiere, show host Jesse Csincsak (“Bachelorette” 4 winner) was joined by “Bachelor” contestants Natalie Getz (13) and Michelle Money (15), “Bachelorette” contestants David Good (5), Jesse Kovacs (5) and Wes Hayden (5), “Survivor” contestant Eliza Orlins, and celebrity relationship expert Stacy Kaiser, and it took only 10 minutes or so for more than one panelist to let it all out. The topic was Ashley Hebert, this season’s bachelorette, and the consensus was ‘so not into her.’ While Natalie loves her style this season, and Michelle thinks she is a sweet person, the men tore her apart, calling her immature – a fact you know we’re all thinking.

Other topics discussed on the premiere were masquerade man Jeff (consensus: the mask is getting old) and which bachelors are favorites to win (J.P. and Ryan P., according to the female panelists). And, of course, the show couldn’t end without talking about Bentley, who brought out strong feelings that ranged from him being the only reason worth watching the show to him being a disrespectful, arrogant a*s who should be ashamed his daughter will someday see his actions on the show.

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Now, this show isn’t for the faint at heart. There is some cussing (no surprise, Wes!) and things can get cruel, but overall, this is an entertaining way to spend an hour of your Tuesday night. Yes, things can get a little off topic and out of control sometimes, but that’s what makes it funny and realistic; plus, Jesse Csincsak is always there reeling the panelists back in for the next topic. And it’s hard to imagine the show could get any crazier, but based on ABC’s preview for the next few episodes of “The Bachelorette,” things on “The Bachelorette Beatdown” will only get juicer!

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