“Bachelorette” 4 winner Jesse Csincsak says Bentley Williams broke all of the unspoken rules of parenting when he used his daughter to bail on Ashley Hebert on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

“I feel like there are some unspoken rules of being a parent and that definitely broke ALL OF THEM!”

Bentley appalled viewers on Monday when he told Ashley he couldn’t stand to be away from his daughter any longer and couldn’t stand the thought of her asking where he was but told viewers he didn’t feel like sticking around for “ugly duckling” Ashley.

And that was just a piece of his disrespectful comments … read the complete recap here.

Ashley was devastated by Bentley’s departure but told him she understood. She was so destroyed by the event that she canceled the week’s cocktail mixer, saying she was no longer sure her husband was in the room.


More of Jesse’s thoughts on “The Bachelorette” 7 week two episode:

Bentley was right when he said he played everyone, including the other men. As a former bachelor vying for the heart of a Bachelorette, how do you think the other men felt watching these episodes?

These Guys are just dying to see him at the after the final rose to tell him what a DOUCHE BAG he is for wasting everyone’s time

Show host Chris Harrison brought up a good point that Bentley took up a spot in Ashley’s heart that could’ve been filled by one of the other men in the house. As someone who once has to fight for a place in a Bachelorette’s heart, how frustrating is that for you to see? And how frustrating do you think it was for the men who were eliminated to see?

I am sure after watching this seasons show all these guys can’t wait to see Bentley at the men tell all to give him an ear full

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You and the other former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants mentioned the show’s editing on last week’s “Bachelorette Beatdown.” Do you think anything Bentley said was edited together, or do you think the way we saw it was the way it was said (e.g., ‘I’m going to make her cry; I hope my hair looks good’)?

Bentley was hired and payed a ton of money to look like a total DICK on national Televison or he is getting the Wes Hayden Edit x10 But the fact that Michelle Money warned ashley tells me he is a REAL LIFE DOUCHE BAG

Do you think Bentley could’ve redeemed himself if he had just told Ashley he didn’t want to stay because he wasn’t in to her?

I think there is no way for this guy to redeem himself ever this show changes lifes- DONT MESS WITH LOVE

This episode may have been all about Bentley, but William had some rocky moments, too. What do you think about what William said during the roast? Do you think he went too far, or do you think Ashley was just being too sensitive?

I think William hasnt had enough years just yet in the DATING GAME and didnt realize there are things YOU JUST DONT SAY ROAST OR NOT but obviously Ashley is into him because he got a rose after being a total MORON !!

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