“Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert’s marriage test for bachelor William was “way past Kosher,” according to “Bachelorette” 4’s Jesse Csincsak, who added that he couldn’t believe William actually said “I do.”

“Personally, I don’t think Marriage is anything to be joked about, so I think the date, although intended to be fun, was way past Kosher in my book.”

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On Monday’s episode (week two), Ashley and William traveled to Las Vegas for their first one-on-one date. While there, Ashley decided to put William’s level of commitment to the test by taking him through several wedding preperations – cake tasting, ring shopping, etc. – that ended with her walking down the aisle of the hotel chapel in a short, white dress. Although panicked during most of the planning and the ceremony, William played along, even saying “I do” when the time came. Ashley had to hit the brakes on the ceremony out of fear the two would end up legally married, but did William’s ability to go with the flow earn him a rose? Find out which bachelors received roses at the week two ceremony …

More of Jesse’s thoughts on “The Bachelorette” 7 week two episode:

When it’s you and 11 other guys on a date, how difficult is it to stand out and make a memorable impression on the bachelorette?

When you go on group dates its super important to do your best with any challenge no matter what it is but at the same time don’t go overboard because you dont want to tick off any of the guys because that can get you sent home as well

Some of the other guys seem really annoyed, almost angry, that Jeff is still wearing his masquerade mask, even though it doesn’t seem to be hurting their chances with Ashley. If they think it isn’t affecting their place in the house, why do they care so much?

Most People Hate on what they don’t understand… For instance they don’t get why Jeff is doing it … (HE’S SETTING HIMSELF APART JUST BY BEING IN THE ROOM WITH THE MASK ) pretty smart angle on his behalf as far as i am concerned 

The second rose ceremony was noticeably quieter than the first one, in terms of conversation between the men. What is it like going into the second ceremony compared to going into the first ceremony?

The Second Ceremony is way more intense; you have an understanding at that point at what exactly is at stake … And if you’re really there for love YOU DONT WANT TO GET SENT HOME

How does it really feel when a bachelor who already has a rose takes time with Ashley during the mixer?

The unspoken golden rule on any reality show is if you already know your safe chill out relax let the others get safe as well so in Williams case he already had a rose there is no need for him to pull ashley away from other guys who don’t …. NOT COOL WILLIAM

It’s hard to not talk about Bentley after what he told viewers on Monday’s episode. What’s your take on Ashley falling for Bentley’s smooth talking and phony appearance?

The producers simply don’t let Ashley see his antics because his antics equal ratings but I doubt the producers would ever let a guy like him make it to the final 2 without letting her know what hes really like … He thought he was all cool and funny but now that these episodes are airing He will be looking for a new neighborhood to live in that doesn’t watch the ABC NETWORK … NOT SMART BENTLEY

Each Tuesday former ‘Bachelorette’ star Jesse Csincsak will comment on the previous night’s episode, talking about the bachelors he thinks are right for Ashley and wrong for Ashley and giving us special insight into how Ashley and her bachelors are feeling as well as his take on some of the season’s most shocking and exciting moments. (Last week’s chat about Bentley, Tim and favorites)

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