“Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert might love bachelor Ryan Park’s over-energized, always-happy demeanor, but the men of the house aren’t so fond of it – and neither is former “Bachelorette” star Jesse Csincsak.

“Ryan’s drama will get him sent home eventually,” Jesse said in an email Tuesday. “I think that when the guys call someone out on something, that’s usually the truth. There isn’t a lot of man drama that’s not for real, in my opinion.”

The drama that Jesse is referring to came to light on Monday’s episode, when viewers learned they weren’t the only ones annoyed by Ryan’s intensity. Ryan spent half of a group date directing the other men, prompting them to have several conversations about him needing to go; many of the men even said Ryan receiving the group-date rose would’ve made them question if they were right for Ashley. Later, Blake calmly confronted Ryan about the men’s feelings, but Ryan refused to apologize for what he calls a good mood.

More of Jesse’s thoughts on “The Bachelorette” 7 week four episode:

Ashley was fighting the urge to talk about the Bentley situation on her date with Constantine and her group date. If she had talked about it, do you think that would’ve squashed some of the guys’ feelings for her or confidence about their relationships with her, or do you think they would’ve just brushed it off as her coping?

I think this could be a double edged sword!! Some guys look at it as a girl really opening up to them if they talk about past relationships and think it’s a good think, kinda a moving on point … others would be annoyed, like stop talking about this TOOL and talk to me about what we have ya know

A few of the men said they would’ve questioned the type of guy Ashley is looking for if she had given the group-date rose to Ryan. We see this every season – one bachelor’s or bachelorette’s personality making the others question whether they should stay in the game; why does this happen? Why can’t the men realize Ashley might just still be piecing together the traits of her perfect guy?

This actually goes all the way back to casting … When the show is cast, they pick people that will clash when put in a group situation; it has nothing to do with Ashley; it’s all about good tv … come on its fun to watch … they know this, and that’s why they cast these characters

Ames and Ashley had their first one-on-one date on Monday’s episode. Ames is without a doubt one of the sweetest men in the house, and the pair’s conversation was really strong, but the spark seen between Ashley and a few of the other men didn’t appear between Ashley and Ames (in my opinion). What did you think while watching their date?

I think Ames will go very far, like final 4, and I think he’s an AWESOME GUY, but in the end will get his heart broken. Him and Ashley are too different; she is a small town girl, and he is a rich kid who is well educated and has traveled the world 10 times

Bentley Williams may be gone, but his name came up at least 10 times on Monday’s episode. Do you think Ashley was being prompted by producers to talk about him, or do you think it just hadn’t been enough time for her to move on? Oh, and viewers have to know, what do you think of next week’s preview, which features Bentley returning?

Bentley is fun to watch – a DICK HEAD or not he makes for GOOD TV, and I promise we haven’t seen the last of this villain just yet. The Whole Bentley situation in general is produced – every bit of it. From the very beginning with michelle money telling her about it; ratings = Good tv, and Bentley is HUGE RATINGS

On Monday, viewers saw an awkward, silent moment of West – the only bachelor eliminated – leaving the house while the other men enjoyed their roses. How awkward is it to stand there with your rose when only one bachelor is eliminated?

The guys know it has to happen so it’s not too awkward until it gets down to like the final 6 then when it goes from 6 to 4 and two of your close buddies go home; that’s when it SUCKS. That’s why after the 6 to 4 cut they separate all the guys… Each guy gets a producer and lives alone until you win or get sent home

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