Less than a month after we learned that a popular spoiler site for The Bachelor was being sued by ABC, we have now learned that another lawsuit may be surrounding the show’s franchise. This time, past winner of The Bachelorette, Jesse Csincsak is planning to sue the show’s producer, Mike Fleiss. What gives? Read on for the scoop!

The Bachelor franchise sure has the drama surrounding them, don’t they? I mean, if it’s not the dramatics on the shows, it is the dramatics of a couple splitting up, and even lawsuits as of late. Just last month, we learned that ABC would be suing a popular spoiler site for The Bachelor, and now Jesse Csincsak is planning to sue the franchise producer, Mike Fleiss. So what caused this pending lawsuit? According to Jesse’s website, he claims that Mike Fleiss has been bullying him for years, including contacting companies that Jesse Csincsak has been working with and closing deals on, telling them not to work with Jesse.

Jesse Csincsak is reviewing his rights at the moment, and he went on to tell Star Magazine: “He thinks he owns me and can keep me from making money. I just want to feed my family,” adding: “I want Fleiss to treat me like he wants to be treated…if he wants me to leave him alone, he needs to leave me alone.” The star, who won season four of The Bachelorette, but later went on to marry Ann Lueders from The Bachelor Season 13, also claims that Mike Fleiss has threatened to blacklist any former contestants of The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and The Bachelorette from any franchise-related events if they participate in any Jesse Csincsak blog post, article, etc.

Wow, what do you think of this news? Are The Bachelor producers bullies? Does Jesse have a right to sue? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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