VANCOUVER – American halfpipe bronze medallist Scotty Lago is heading home from the Vancouver Olympics after pictures of him showed up on the Internet.

Lago, who was awarded his bronze medal Thursday night, was at a party, wearing a Team USA T-shirt when somebody snapped a photo of a woman kneeling below Lago’s waist to kiss his medal. The picture showed up Friday on the TMZ website.

He apologized to officials at the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and voluntarily decided to return home.

I think Scotty Lago Volentarily Decided to go home because the BIG IMPORTANT PEOPLE AT THE GAMES ( USOC – UNITED STATES OLYMPIC COMMITTEE)  Threatened him with things like stripping him of his medal if he didnt…..

I know Scotty Lago Personally and I think hes a good kid and didn’t act any differently than any other snowboarder would if they were excited about winning at the 2010 Olympic games….

As far as I am concerned Scotty was given the Medal because he earned it in the Mens halfpipe competition therefore IT IS HIS TO DO WITH AS HE PLEASES !!!

If Scotty wants to melt his medal down his medal into a mound of molten Gold – HE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO SO ESPECIALLY ON HIS OWN TIME NOT AT AN OLYMPIC VENUE AT SOME RANDOM PARTY!!!!

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