Jesse Csincsaks Blog on Bachelor Season 15 Brad Womack Week 1

I don’t read any of the spoilers or reality forums about the show no chat rooms, no insiders nothing at all….



With that being said here we go….

OK so as all of you know Brad Womack is back for the 2nd time as the Bachelor and why not bring him back ?? Because he didn’t pick someone the first time ?? I didn’t find True Forever love my 1st my 2nd or my 3rd… FEW PEOPLE DO and Just because his was on TV hes held to a different standard ???….Really ?? Everyone seems bummed hes getting a second chance …There isn’t anyone reading this that hasn’t been out on about 10 dates with someone and then didn’t know if they were ready to marry them or not Almost nobody would know after that short of a time…Give me a break !!!! Brad Did nothing wrong on Bachelor 11 He knew he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with either of those girls so he didn’t propose… Brad from ME & all the guys in America ( GOOD FOR YOU ) You did the right thing Don’t let these girls make you feel any different… What were you supposed to do Pick one of them and then break up with them months later I DON’T THINK SOO…You Stuck with how you felt and didn’t let anyone make you do anything you didn’t want to do…

OK now onto the girls !

Chantel O –
Who do you think you are ?? You Don’t Hit People That’s Assault  !!!
Do you think people should treat you the way you treat them ?? I DO !!!
I am sure I Could Find someone who Judged you on the show who wouldn’t mind KNOCKING YOUR A_S OUT !!!
You Watched Brad on his first season and because of what you saw on a TV SHOW you Judge him and haul off and hit him ??
ITS A TV SHOW !!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BREAST IMPLANTS CHANTEL…. Brad is actually a nice guy and because of your actions you might screw up what you could have had with A REALLY NICE GUY !!! ( Brad Might be different but I Would Never Pick Someone Who Hit Me) Yeah so he pretended to be ok with getting hit even complimenting you but what was he supposed to do Hes on National television with 15 million People watching he had to do the only Honorable thing and TAKE IT LIKE A MAN… If I were you I would start treating people the way you want to be treated and in the mean time keep your hands to yourself !!! I Dont really care what rich guy your an Assistant of !!

Britnee –
Loved the Hand out the window of the limo very creative and I don’t think it has ever been done !!

Rachel –
Loved Brads Face when u waxed his wrist !!!
And I agree brad what dudes get their under Carraiges Waxed ???

Emily – The Single Mom who’s Husband Passed away in the plane crash I think is very sweet and Genuine and seems like a great girl for Brad !!

Madison – I love that brad called you out on your reasons for being there… You gotta loose the fangs honey if they are fake which I think they are take them out and if not there is a DENTIST in the house GET THEM FILED….

Michelle the hair stylist – Love that you are the only girl to tell brad you respected his Prior decisions… Our decisions are simply our opinions who are we to Judge brads past decisions ??

If the girls don’t get over Brad and his Prior decisions on this season I am gonna VOMIT !!! HE IS A HUMAN BEING HES NOT PERFECT !!

Mike Fleiss & Martin Hilton – Nice work on Getting Seal to sing this years music !!!  ITS A NICE CHANGE !!!

And does Brad Remember all 20 names of the girls hes keeping in a row ?? OF COURSE NOT HE’S HUMAN they stop filming after he calls out three names he walks out of the room and gets the next 3 names until all 20 names are called out I mean come on he has only known them for 9 hrs, Yes the first night takes 9 hrs to film… They start filming around 8pm Just after dark and don’t stop till almost sunrise around 5am…

Girls who got roses on Night one:
Ashley 1st Impression
Michelle 2nd
Kimberly 3rd
Madison 4th
Emily 5th
Rachel 6th
Kelty 7th
Ashley H 8th
Megan 9th
Lisa M 10th
Lindsey 11th
Allie 12th
Sarah P 13th
Marissa 14th
Britt 15th
Stacy 16th
Chantel N 17th The Non Abusive Girl
Jackie 18th
Melissa 19th
Chantel O 20th The Abusive Girl

I am Pumped to see this season of the bachelor it looks like they Travel the globe and from the looks of the Previews he keeps a few good ones… Tune in next week to see my blog with all the behind the scenes Details Same place same time…