On this week’s ‘Bachelorette Beatdown,’ we heard opinions from past contestants and how they feel about the show. Jesse Csincsak is the host of this show. They ended up having 30,000 live viewers last night! They started out talking about Ashley’s maturity and Natalie Getz does not see Ashley as emotionally mature.

This Beatdown has a new guest with Craig Robinson. He was only their via phone and Wes Hayden was on the phone as well because of some technical difficulties. David Good and Jesse Kovaks both mentioned that they are excited to see Bentley Williams return to the show and see what drama is going to come out of it. Kovaks even said he is pumped to see the next show.

Eliza from ‘Survivor’ went on to talk about being surprised that she was going to be engaged in just a few weeks to someone else. If you were paying attention, she spoiled who wins the show according to Reality Steve so pay close attention.

You will not want to miss this episode and hear all of the insider views. Make sure that you click play on the left so that you can see the video.

‘The Bachelorette Beatdown’ airs live on RTVZone.com on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm CST in the Oklahoma City area.

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