Okay, I want to start off by saying that my blog is based on MY OPINIONS of the people on this show. A lot of these people are not what their edits make them out to be and I am going to point that out in this blog. So that means if you are going to freak out about what I have to say about each of these people NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO STOP READING! Also, I am not a writer or English major so save your spelling and grammar corrections for someone who is worried about it (NOT ME). I also want to mention I would never say anything in my blog or in any other media outlet that I wouldn’t say directly to someone’s face! I know and have met most of the people I speak of in my blog. With all of that said, onto Monday night’s episode!

Vegas Contest Cirque de Soleil

I would like to start off by saying I love seeing Jason Mesnick, Trista Sutter and Ali Fedowtowski in Las Vegas as judges! What’s one thing all 3 of these successful couples have in common? NONE OF THEM LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD! Jason lives in Seattle, Trista Lives in Colorado and Ali lives in San Diego. Just a little lesson to all the People who have been on this show who are thinking about moving to LA to make it – DON’T BOTHER!

Onto the contest ­­­– This is a game show based around relationships, right? Why strap a bunch of people who are scared of heights into some harnesses? With that said I think Graham, Michelle, Michael and Holly did a great job with this challenge.

Onto the Final 4 decision by Michael and Holly – I am not sure I would have picked Graham and Michelle even though it worked out the best for them. I think picking Vienna and Kasey would have been the smart choice as they had upset a lot of people on their road to the finale and wouldn’t have gotten the votes that Graham and Michelle got.

Onto the studio audience finale:

Jake – For God sakes man, you came on to get more camera time and win the money just like Graham. I wish you guys would cut the crap already and at least be honest with yourselves. No one goes on TV to make things right with an ex! This isn’t Jerry Springer! You came on hoping to win and make Vienna look like the bad guy in the process plain and simple! If I have to hear you talk about extending an olive branch one more time I am going to vomit. Who do you think you are, Adam from of Adam and Eve? Get over yourself and stop talking like you’re reading what your saying out of a book, it’s super annoying!

Blake – When I watch you on TV I kind of feel like I am watching a high school football player who is full of himself falling in love with his airhead cheerleader girlfriend. Before I say what I am about to say I want to point out that you just met her a few weeks ago in a group setting with her ex-fiancé living with both of you. It’s not like it was a romantic setting like being on the Bachelor or Bachelorette either. How many people do you know who have known each other for less than a few months that can actually make a marriage work while having a relationship in the limelight? Let me help you out: NOT A LOT! I will tell you like I told Stagliano a while back: she will leave you for the bigger better deal – I promise. She has done it a half a dozen times now (Google it), what makes you think your situation is any different from Stagliano’s? My advice would be to marry her before the next season of the Bachelorette ends or she will break off your engagement and leave you for the next new guy off the show like she did with Stagliano. Oh, and Blake, when she does leave, you can’t get mad at the guy for stepping in on you because that’s exactly what you did to Stags.

Justin Rated R – I have to say I was actually impressed with your question to Stagliano at the finale. You asked him what his partner Holly had actually brought to the team throughout the contest. He really didn’t have an answer he just said “trust” to be nice. But you asked the question that everyone was thinking and I LIKE THAT.

Stagliano – I have never met you but I have to say I am totally impressed with your actions throughout this contest! You are a better man than I will ever be. You took your emotions out of this game numerous times even though inside you had to feel like dying. YOU ARE A CLASS ACT! I HOPE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY AND WISH YOU NOTHING BUT THE BEST IN THE FUTURE! WELL DONE BRO!

That’s it for me and this season of the Bachelor Pad, I’m Out!

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