Yesterday I was approached by many media outlets reguarding this story on Reality Steve and the Lawsuit and so I did them. The funny thing is mike fliess had his people called a few people who published these stories asking them to take them down? A few even did remove them ???

I find this pretty funny because every season Mike Fleiss Makes Millions of dollars by destroying  peoples lives without blinking an eye on his hit shows the Bachelor / Bachelorette & Bachelor Pad  but when he gets someone saying something negative about him he Loses it ??? Really Mike you cant handle what you dish out ?? I guess money makes peple soft ???

Mike Fleiss Production Company Next Entertainment came to me just over a year ago and offered me 30k to find out who Reality Steves Leak was ?

I told them I would look into it and when push came to shove all I could find out is that it was someone in editing but could never find a name of a person…

The problem is that they have hundreds of people who see the tapes in editing so nailing it down would be a tuff one so of course I was unable to cash in on the 30K.

Mike Fleiss is known as the steel fist of hollywood he makes everyone sign a 20 page contract signing away there lives and he is the only Production company that doesnt pay any of his talent on the shows.

He wants to be feared because he thinks that will solve his problems but what he doesnt understand is PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED look at every tuff guy in the history of the world and what happened to them ??? Hitler , Osama Bin Laden, Sadam husane once you piss off enough people someone will eventually take you out of the game !! Fleiss you cant contunue to USE PEOPLE & push people around YOUR day is coming its only a matter of time !!

As for reality steve I think he should stick to his day job he knows nothing about the actual bachelor show except what his Source leaks to him yet he calls himself an expert ??

I find that silly! it would kinda be like me writing a blog about barbie dolls and calling myself an expert when in reality I have a friend who work for a barbie doll company that is feeding me the intel…

hope it was worth it steve enjoy your Tango with the devil and his mob they take no prisoners as you will learn !!

So how do I feel about this lawsuit ?? I Think this Lawsuit is a perfect case of ADULT BULLYING !! Reality Steve has no contract with mike or ABC this is simply a SCARE TACTIC on mikes behalf to scare past & future contestants from talking about how he bullys people.

Notice Chris Harrison has a new hosting gig with that game show !! ( Congrats Chris ) your the man but could that be a sign that the bachelor franchise could be coming to an end ?? Are you running out of Fresh Ideas Mike ?? Eveyone Noticed you stole the Bachelor Pad Hanging Game from the Big Brother Franchise.

ok enough is enough all i am saying is cut the crap if you wanna dish it out VIA the Editing on your show then be a MAN and take the haters like all of your contestants have to after being on your show. STOP HIDING BEHIND THE MONEY AND OWN UP TO WHAT YOUR DOING TO PEOPLE…

You probably dont like what I am sayin but I am only saying what everyone else thinks LATERZ I AM OUT !