Ok as most of you know I am a dad of 2 months now and have decided to start blogging about my experience as a dad its gonna be my BABY BLOG! Remember I have only been a dad for two months now so I am no professional but I will give you my insight on what works for me. Being a parent is most definetley a game changer, Anyone who has a kid will tell you that they will change your life AND THAT’S NO BULL SH*T no matter what you do or where you are that little Bambino will turn your world upside down and at the end of the day he or she will enlighten you on what is really important in life!

With that being said I have learned alot about baby products and what works and doesn’t work so I am here today to give you a little insight on what I will do differently my second time around.

First things first

THE CAR SEAT – You will use your car seat EVERYDAY your child will be in this when you leave the hospital! It is the GO TO ITEM that must be your #1 priority when spending your Baby Budget on things as far as I am concerned!

I researched car seats for what seemed to be days before registering for the Graco SnugRide 35 infant car seat this thing is amazing see the red dial on the front? That thing levels the car seat so that if your car isn’t at the correct level you twist it until you see the SAFE label and SHA-ZAM your baby is safe! This is a must have as far as I am concerned!


So now your asking yourself how did you come to the conclusion of this car seat when there are literally hundreds of thousands of different car seats out there? Well whenever my wife and I were registering for products we would go out to as many baby stores as possible touch each product and see what we thought then we would go home and look up each product on the internet and read consumer reports on it then we would make our decisions.

Remember each and every family has a different situation so results may vary depending on each families situation. For instance if you live in a 1000 square foot apt your decisions will be different then someone living in a 3500 square foot house.

Ok onto what I think is the second most important tool in the baby tool box!

DIAPERS – In the first two months of having our son he must have ruined over a dozen changes of clothes and a half a dozen sheets and blankets in our house. Now your asking yourself how? Well when your little one starts going #2 you will understand! The original diapers we had Noah in were Huggies and they were leaking pee and poop out the sides of the Diapers because they didn’t have the proper protection in turn ruining everything he was wearing as well as anything he was laying on ( THIS GETS EXPENSIVE ) So we decided it was time for a change in Diaper Brand. We now use Pampers Swaddlers they have never leaked and we swear by them…


These things are pretty Much POOP PROOF as far as I am concerned!

Ok now onto the 3rd thing that you will use everyday

Bottles – Ok so this one I still haven’t actually sorted out totally, but in my defense my son is only 2 months old so I have some time to figure it out. Now with that being said my wife and I registered for the Avent bottle set complete with a conversion kit for our breast pump ( BIG MISTAKE ) Keep it simple don’t buy the conversion kits don’t buy the adapter kits all it does is set you up for a big mess and a total waste of money in my book! What the adapter kit consists of is a bottle top ring that can fit on your pump and then will also fit on the nipple of the bottle well with that kit comes this small ring to connect each of the pieces together that’s where the problem lies! THEY LEAK !!! I don’t know if you have ever smelled breast milk mixed with formula all over your clothes but IT STINKS BAD !!! I recommend Avent products just not any with adapters involved. Oh yeah and don’t register for a small 3oz bottle set because your baby will out grow them in the first 3 months and then you will have to go and buy more just use the small bottles the hospital gives you for the first few weeks then use a 9oz bottle and it will last forever! Also there are different size nipples for these bottles and as your baby grows the nipple flow should grow with them keep that in mind when registering. 

Here are the Avent bottles that we use that work


Feel free to email me at Jsinsak@msn.com with any questions that you might have about the first few months of being a parent and I will do everything I can to help…

Until Next weeks Baby Blog Keep your Babies Warm and your Hubby Warmer ! I’m OUT….