The Bachelorette” 2012 just aired a new episode on ABC. In this week’s episode, we saw Emily Maynard take the guys to London for three different dates. After the show, I spoke with Jesse Csincak over email about his thoughts on the show.

Here is what Jesse had to say about the show:

What did you think of Sean and Jef on their 1 on 1 dates tonight?

Sean’s Date was a Yawn fest and Jef took names loved seeing him step up to the plate and tell Emily whats up like hey look at me I might not have huge muscles and a wallet I can stand on to change light bulbs but I can treat you and your daughter the way you deserve !!

What do you think of the way Kalon McMahon talked about Ricky?

Kalon is a tool he can focus on his LouisVitton shoes and miss out on what real life is really about #FAMILY !!

Were you surprised to see Emily send Kalon home during the date?

No she should have knocked his teeth out !! I dare some rich kid like Kalon to call my kid baggage !! I would have put kalon on the floor with the baggage and wouldnt eve have spilled my Drink !!

Did you think this week’s episode was as boring as you did last week?

The only to parts I wasn’t bored was Jef Holms date, Kalons Boot Scene and the Closing Scenes watching Ryan Spit Playboy Game at Emily.

After watching five episodes, do you think Emily is going to find true love?

Her only 2 shots are Jef & Arie.

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