Jesse is still dating former Bachelorette contestant Holly Durst. It’s a long distance relationship as Holly is in L.A. and Jesse lives in Breckenridge, Colorado. They see each other every couple of weeks.

Will he be our next bachelor? No one from the show has approached him about it, and if he’s in a serious relationship at that time, probably not. He still wants to get married and have kids by the time he’s 30. The petition for him to be the next bachelor closed with more than 4,000 signatures.

Jesse will be on John Walsh’ America Most Wanted this Saturday night. Jesse wants to help solve the murder of snowboarder Ben Bradley, who was killed for his snowboard outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Finding Ben’s limited edition board could lead to the killer. Jesse’s psyched about the show and hopeful that leads will come in once it’s aired so that Ben’s family can finally have some closure.

You can keep up with Jesse though his website, his My Space or Facebook page or his You Tube channel. He is very appreciative of his fan support, spends hours a day online and answers his emails. (Not to mention telephone calls from people like me seeking last-minute interviews. Thanks again, Jesse. )

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