POP LEFT Article Jesse Csincsak :

The winner will be chosen tonight on Dancing With the Stars. My vote: Melissa and then Gilles. Who I think will win: Gilles, but I’m not counting Shawn out because she has been terrific the past few weeks, especially last night. Gilles is really hot, but too often his dancing seems to be about Cheryl than him. Len pointed it out last night, but I’ve been thinking that for a while.

Melissa is the best dancer of the three, by far I think. Shawn has the gymnast thing going which may make her appear better than she really is. Go Mel!

Jesse Csincsak, former Bachelorette winner, is looking to be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars. I’d think he’d be terrific. As a professional snowboarder, he’s certainly got the athletic skills and balance and coordination. Plus, he really looks good (and even better in person than on camera.) So I hope you’ll take a few minutes and go sign the petition to help get him on the show. (You can even sign and click the box not to have your name displayed.)

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