Last week fans were shocked when a shooting occurred during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” Today I was able to speak with Jesse Csincsak, a former winner of “The Bachelorette,” over the phone about his thoughts on the shooting at the movie theater. The first thing he said was that he wants the victims to know his thoughts are with them and prayers are sent their way.

On Monday, James Holmes, the suspect in the shooting, went to court for the first time since it happened. They are even considering the death penalty. They do plan to try to keep him in jail without bond.

Jesse Csincsak has never been shy about the way he feels about guns. He was recently on an episode of “American Guns” with his wife Ann where she learned how to handle a weapon.

Jesse has some very strong thoughts on the shooting in Colorado. It happened only one hour from his home. He says things would have been different if someone in that theater had been holding a gun and used it in the right way. People are speaking out about the fact that he was wearing a bullet proof vest, but there are ways to get around that and still save lives. You can shoot the person in the face or even with the right bullet knock them down. Some bullets will hit you so hard that it is similar to getting hit with a bus.

“Criminals don’t follow laws anyway” says Jesse. Many people think that gun laws could have changed this situation, but that is simply not true. James Holmes wouldn’t have bothered to follow the law. He says that people need to learn how to defend themselves.

Jesse went on to say that he went to pick up a firearm and drove to a place near Aurora, Colo. on Friday. He said that the store was full of mothers with small children looking to purchase guns just to keep their families safe. As Jesse said,”Nothing comes between a momma bear and her cubs.” What do you think about the situation? Could it have been stopped?

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