Jesse Csincsak & John Walsh Team up to solve the Ben Bradley Snowboard Murder:

Unknown Benjamin Bradley Killer – He Lived To Snowboard

One-Of-A-Kind Snowboard: One important clue in finding Ben’s killer could be his snowboard.

The one-of-a-kind snowboard made by Never Summer in Denver, Col The style of board Ben was carrying is extremely unique
because the board splits to form two short skis which allow a snowboarder to climb up slopes.  Denver-based Never Summer
is the only company to design these boards — and each is one-of-a-kind. Ben’s board is black with an eagle grasping lightning
bolts in its talons. The eagle’s wings read “Never” on the left and “Summer” on the right. On the second banner that runs parallel
to the eagle’s wings is the word “Denver,” and the bottom of the snowboard reads “Legacy.” Ben bought the snowboard for about $1,000. 
Like his snowboard, Ben’s backpack was missing for months until a man turned it in to police. Authorities have confirmed that Tommy Bowman, 35,
 brought the backpack to authorities.  He claims he found it while jet skiing at Flaming Gorge Reservoir, an area about 44 miles from where Ben’s body was found.
Investigators say Bowman is not charged with any crimes at this time.
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