Haven’t gotten enough of a Bachelor fix this week yet? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Jesse Csinscak, whom Bachelorette No. 4, Deanna Pappas, gave her final rose to (and then, abruptly took it back), will be making an appearance on Fox’s America’s Most Wanted Saturday night at 8 p.m. Eastern.

The reality star was called upon by the show’s host, John Walsh, to help bring light to the murder of snowboarder Benjamin Bradley. “He was trekking to Jackson Hole, and he never made there,” explains Csincsak, who’s a pro snowboarder. “They found his body face down in the desert. A couple of months later they found his backpack. The one thing they didn’t find was his $1,200 Never Summer splitboard, which we think could be the key to the murder.” According to Csincsak, his expertise on the slopes is what made him the perfect person to work with Walsh on the case. “Basically, informing them that every snowboard has a VIN number and explaining to them how a splitboard works,” he says. “There are only 128 of those types of boards in the world. So if this board was taken from the guy and then put on eBay and sold, five million people are going to see this episode and somebody might go, ‘Well that looks a lot like the splitboard I bought on eBay’ and call in. That could be the key to solving this murder.”

Besides offering crime-fighting tips, Csincsak also had a few tips to give to Melissa Rycroft, the Bachelor contestant scorned by Jason Mesnick, earlier this week: “I’m a big fan of taking the high road and never really saying anything bad about anybody. That would be my advice to her: to keep her chin high and know…that it’s all right.” Still, the ski bum isn’t taking sides — Mesnick has been a close friend of his ever since they competed on The Bachelorette for Pappas’ heart. “I gave Jason a call [Monday night], just left him a voicemail. I’m sure he’s getting hundreds,” he says. “You go on that show to fall in love. [So] as long as he’s in love is what matters. On every single one of those shows, somebody always gets their heart broken. And it’s kind of casualties of love — love hurts. So it’s a bummer Melissa’s heart got broken. But at the same time I’m really happy for Jason and Molly and Ty. I’m really excited to go out and have pizza, beer, and wings with those guys and hang out.”

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