Why do the Bachelorette guys look so much better after they’re done filming? This is a group of former Bachelorette contestants on a cruise last month organized by former Bachelorette #4 winner, Colorado Pro Snowboarder Jesse Csincsak.

Can Ali’s guys match up? I thought they all seemed a little dorky tonight. Chris and Roberto and Frank will make to to the final three, when Frank decides to want out. There’s be a few more blowups along the way, but given the great scenes filmed in Iceland, Turkey, Portugal and Tahiti, who cares? I’m looking forward to hearing the Iceland group Feldberg serenade Ali and a date in Iceland.

Jesse blogged his thoughts on tonight’s show here. The Cassie he is referring to is an ABC producer whose job it is to shadow Ali from now until the finale.

Who did you like tonight? Who gave you the creeps?

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