Bachelor Pad Beatdown’ on is known for telling it like it is every week. Jesse Csincsak is the host of this show. Anyone who is on the show ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ knows that they should be prepared for the crazy things that the people from this show are going to say about them. Past contestants such as David Good and Wesley Hayden are not shy on this show.

Sean Ramey of ‘The Bachelorette’ came up with a great video on how to defend yourself from ‘The Bachelor Pad Beatdown.’ He was on season 4 of the show along with Jesse Csincsak.

Everyone is talking about Graham Bunn punching Justin Rated R Rego this last week. Michael Stagliano admitted to wanting to punch Blake Julian but he didn’t do it. It sounds like this show is getting pretty crazy lately!

If you want to see the way Sean Ramey says you should defend yourself, click play on the video to the left. Check out the palm strike! You will enjoy watching this one

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