So again we have done it.. With the help of Sadie from Bachelor Rome, Kerry from Season 6, Jenni from season 11, Erin and Holly from Season 12 and Shannon and Renee from Season 13 We have some how managed to put together a LAS VEGAS Bash with over 70 Contestants from a master Cast list with over 125 names from 12 different seasons of the Bachelor / Bachelorette…. We will be in Vegas April 24th where festivities will begin… Its gonna be a crazy weekend WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS ! Unless a TV network films it and tells the world…

Below are just some of the guests who will be attending this event…

Bachelorette Season # 3 – Windell , Keith

Bachelor Season # 4 – Misty

Bachelor Season # 6 – Kerry, Kristie, Tanya, Elizabeth, Ashley, Gwen

Bachelor Paris # 8 – Kristen, Yvonne, Jehan

Bachelor Rome # 9 – Britt, Desiree, Lisa, Jen, Tara, Laura, Sadie

Bachelor Season # 11 – Jenni, Jade, Erin, Sarah, Morgan, Lindsey, Kristy, Tauni, Susan

Bachelor Season # 12 – Chelsea, Holly, Erin, Ashlee, Amanda, Carrie

Bachelorette Season # 4 – Jesse, Jeremy, Richard, Paul, Ryan, Robert, Chris, Sean, Twilly, Eric, Jon      

Bachelor Season # 13 – Naomi, Renee, Lisa, Treasure, Julie , Shannon, Erica, Ann, Stacia, Megan, Natalie, Keri, Nikki, Keri