Bachelorette #6 Ali Fedotowsky Week 7

I don’t read any of the spoilers or reality forums about the show no chat rooms, no insiders nothing at all….


With that being said here we go…. 

After watching tonights show I Feel as if Ali was acting super Insecure.. Kinda like a Freshman High School girl being asked to prom by a senior who’s the captain of the football team or something…. She Looked at Kirk and said ( A Year from now are you sure I am still gonna be good enough for you ? ) I was sitting watching the show with Ann and I said Seriously?? Then Looked over at Ann and said Ali needs to PULL HERSELF TOGETHER…. This is Ridiculous She is so Un sure of herself! Thats a huge turnoff if you ask me… She has now shown insecurities with each of the final 5 guys now and I think this is a huge red flag… She has brought them all there to find love now shes doubting the whole process ARE YOU SERIOUS…. Now Remember when Ali is going on all these one on one dates all the other guys are in a hotel room LOSING their minds they aren’t out exploring NOT A CHANCE they are locked in a hotel room in front of one of 3 camera crews… Something else to keep in mind the show has a stylist that Dresses Ali for the entire season of the show and then dresses the guys on most of their one on one dates as well as the final 4 rose Ceremonies being a normal kid originally from ohio this was super fun to experience being pampered every once in a while is nice…

 ROBERTO: 1 on 1 date King of the Castle

I think Roberto is the FRONT RUNNER Alis Eye Candy / Arm Doll.. Ali Ali says in every interview that she does about Roberto that she has a large connection with him but then she gos on to say I just hope Roberto knows how to have fun.. I think Ali is setting herself up to have an OUT with every guy…. Just in case she’s not sure at the end then the editors can go back and say look Ali said this about this guy way back then LOOK… If you ask me LAME !

FRANK & TY: 2 on 1 date Step into the Past

Frank Killed it on this date… The second they got outta the van to meet her Frank runs up to her to hug her tell her how great she looks and say hello.. TY where were you bro ? OK so this two on one date was super produced… You can tell because All 3 of them were super awkward the whole time they were sitting at that table together ( SHOW NEEDED SOME DRAMA I GUESS ?) Every high rated reality tv show has 3 things Problem, Drama, Solution… Ali obviously didn’t want to have another 2 on 1 this late in the game because she doesn’t want to hurt any of the guys feelings… Not only is it weird this late in the game but all the guys are pretty close friends now and its kinda like COCK BLOCKING your buddy on a date NOT COOL… TY was being set up to go home right off the get go on this two on one date.. The first thing Ali Talked to TY about was his divorce….NOT GOOD… FRANK – You killed it buddy YOU HAVE BALLZ… I really liked it when you said I LIVE AT HOME WITH MY PARENTS – Who Cares man I digg your honesty And I love that your following your dreams KEEP DOING YOU AND DON’T LOOK BACK !

KIRK: 1 on 1 date Once upon a time

Well done buddy Dropping Compliments left and right when you first got to see her ! Kirk is soo ready to be in love he seems to be such a genuine guy.. Am I the only person who noticed all the Arial Helicopter shots shown during this episode ? They must have spent some serious Cash on Helicopters this season… WOW

CHRIS L: 1 on 1 date Love gets better with age

Dude Really ? First the Horse in Icelnad now the Scooter ?? Ali even Shammed your life on this thing… Its a MO-PED for god sakes 16 yr old girls ride them to highschool Although Chris isn’t much for the outdoors or athletics he seems to be a rad guy and I like him… Good luck on hometowns bro…


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