AMW Host John Walsh teamed up with pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak — a winner of the television show “The Bachelorette” — and Rob “Kinger” Kingwell to help solve the mystery of who killed Ben. Before getting down to business, John shared some lighter moments with the crew, and even got to ride with Jesse and some of Ben’s friends.

In between shooting and John getting some snowboarding lessons from the pros, AMW’s Avery Mann talked to John and the rest of the crew about what it was like producing the Ben Bradley story.

“It’s been wonderful to shoot here,” says Walsh, “people have been so responsive.” He feels the close knit snowboarding community is sending a strong message by coming together to help support the investigation into the murder of someone they all loved, and doing whatever they can to track down the killer.”

Adds Walsh,  I think we’re going to get that tip to break this case.”

According to AMW Co-Executive Producer Steve Katz, a lot of work goes into organizing the logistics for a story like this, even before the exciting part of the actual on location shoot.

“But everybody was so forthcoming, and cooperating with us because they all want to help solve this case.” Katz explains the importance of presenting the story in such a way that helps spark a critical memory from viewers.

With some luck, AMW tipsters can help crack the case and pinpoint the person responsible for Ben’s murder.

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