It seems almost as if you go on the Bachelorto fall in love YOU WILL, but just not until after you get off the show. Several “Bachelorette” and “Bachelorette” alums have not only found love, but they also “put a ring on it!” See — just because the couples that win the show don’t walk down the aisle, doesn’t mean that other couples don’t.

Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright are the perfect example of this. The pair recently got engaged, but they are also rich in “Bachelor” history. Lambton was the runner up on season 6 of “The Bachelorette” and Wright was on “The Bachelor” season 10, as well as the first season of the “Bachelor Pad.” I was lucky enough to chat with the couple on the phone yesterday and the first question I asked them was how they met? Chris was attending a charity event in the Carolinas and asked his good friend Jesse Beck who was on season 6 with him to attend as his +1. After the event Jesse told Chris that his partner from the “Bachelor Pad” lived nearby and they should all hang out. Peyton came to meet Jesse and Chris that evening and that’s when the relationship sparked.

This spark has happened for a few couples that were on the show. My wife Ann Lueders and I were both on the show. I was on season #4 and my wife was on “Bachelor” season 13. We met at one of my “Bachelor” reunions, married last August in Las Vegas and now have a baby boy.

Tara Durr from “Bachelor” season 8 in Rome and John Presser from “Bachelorette” Season 5 also met at a reunion and married last November in Florida. Seems like there is a trend here.

Last week I asked Lambton to be on my show, The Bachelorette Beatdown, and he agreed. When the day came to go on the show Chris called me and said he was super busy and couldn’t do it. This made we wonder what was

 really going on — because its not like Chris to back out of stuff like that especially at 9 p.m. at night when I know he’s not doing to much after a long day of work. So when I heard the news of the engagement IT ALL MADE SENSE. I called Chris immediately to congratulate them and he immediately apologized for flaking out of the show and said now you understand! Chris promised to come on next week’s show with Peyton and show off their bling!