Former Bachelorette star Jesse Csincsak and World Champion Skater Apollo Anton Ohno are working together for Agility Guard. Agility Guard enhances a athletes performance and protects their beautiful smiles from injury. As athletes, they know how important it is to find ways improve your performance when competing.

When Jesse and Apollo aren’t competing in sports, each are pursuing entertainment careers. A few years ago, Apollo a Gemini won Dancing With the Stars and also appeared as a guest judge on Project Runway. Today, he is a motivational speaker and philanthropist.

For Jesse Csincsak a straightforward Aries dude, he’s become very popular with his weekly Bachelor and Bachelorette columns on Radar Online and Yahoo. He recently became the host of RTVZones Beatdown Series and spoke out about who should be the next Bachelorette.

When the name Emily Maynard came up, he described her as “the most emotional girl on Planet Earth.” He reminds everyone of how she sat bawling her eyes out when she discussed her breakup with Brad with host Chris Harrison. Come on Jesse, don’t be so hard on Emily, she’s an Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon. It means she can forgive but can never forget.

On the RTVZone, Jesse had several former Bachelorette stars on hand to discuss Emily Maynard. In David Good’s opinion, Emily is too-fame hungry to be the next Bachelorette and he thinks she lies about her feelings. “I’m fed up with people defending her at this point,” says David. “It’s like her saying she doesn’t like being around racetracks because it reminds her of Ricky Hendrick.

Complete BS as far as I’m concerned.” Remember, David Good is the author of Man Code and not a super sensitive guy. Bachelorette fan favorite, Chris Lambton, agrees with David that Emily loves the spotlight. “If you don’t like being on camera, why would you fly your a** to LA, ditch your kid some place and then go on TV?” explained Chris, as he shrugged his shoulders in satisfaction. It’s kind of true, right?

Personally, Astrochicks thinks Emily Maynard would make the perfect next Bachelorette. Whether or not ABC will pick her will be determined by next season of the Bachelor. If they choose Ryan as the next Bachelor, I think the girls might be too cheesy for Bachelorette. Emily is the best choice is because not only is she beautiful, she has a fiery personality that will add lots of drama and passion to the show.

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