From a guy who had his own share of ‘after the final rose’ with former ‘Bachelorette’ DeAnna Pappas, see what advice he has for Brad Womack about how to make it work after!

According to multiple sources, Chantal O’Brien, the woman who slapped Brad Womack on the season premiere of The Bachelor, is the one to get Brad’s final rose and a proposal. And if that’s true, former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak has some words of advice for the secret couple: “Stay out of L.A. and the lime light!”

“My biggest advice would be for them to go back to wherever they live and get to know each other,” Jesse, 28, tells exclusively. “That’s when the relationship will really start, when ABC stops paying for all of their bills and dates and when they’re left on their own.”

“Right now they’re in hiding,” Jesse explains. “They are in La La Land. Everything is perfect. ABC is flying them to their secret rendezvous. After the show is over, it’s time to go home — walk the dogs, grocery shop, go to the movies, do the normal things that normal people and really get into your groove. If you don’t go home and do that, it will never work.”

Brad, 38, also has to keep Chantal, 28, from getting discouraged. “It’s going to be hard for them because she has to sit there and watch him with 20 other girls for the next month and a half,” Jesse says. “It’s not easy to swallow.”

And if it is true that Chantal is the one Brad picks, Jesse attributes believes her slap is what clinches her win:

“What she did was uncalled for, but at the same time, Brad will never forget that girl,” Jesse explains. ” That’s the perfect ending if you think about it because they are going to go back and show night one and how she slapped him. That was the slap heard around the world.”

“The underdog is always the one that ends up winning,” Jesse continues. “That’s how they like to do good TV. I could totally see Chantal winning.”

— Lindsey DiMattina

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