Ok this weeks blog is gonna be short as almost absolutely nothing happened


Ben literally makes Jake Pavelka look like the man of the year !

Ben your seriously like a highschool kid dating a bunch of cheerleaders you just don’t realize its not gonna last !! OK moving onto the rest of the trainwreck !


I seriously haven’t been this bored watching TV since the last time I was stuck in my Local DMV getting a new drivers liscense! If it wasn’t for Courtney being a total skank every week this show would seriously not even be on air!


Courtney the best part of the show tonight was when you said “wow it’s just so good when it hits your lips” You really have a way with words honey ! Oh and when you said I am not sure if I can take u home to meet my parents ??? Wait didn’t you just get naked for Ben a couple times and ride him totally naked in the ocean?? But your not sure about letting him meet your parents?? Oh I get it you’re a total whore!!! Amazing you are seriously committing Career suicide unless your looking into a porn career = Just sayin!


As for the rest of the dates they were boring as they come except for the shark diving date which was a repeat date from season #4 of the Bachelorette with my boy Jason Mesnick!


Production seriously needs to come up with some fresh ideas or keep finding skanks like Courtney to come on and make the show interesting or its not gonna be on air for very much longer…


Sorry for the short blog but production didn’t give me much to work with!


Until next week I am out

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