It wasn’t a rose that saved skiers Hilary Skye and her son Dylon Arnold on Friday, but rather season four Bachelorette winner and professional snow boarder Jesse Csincsak.

Skye and Arnold were skiing the Blue Sky Basin at Vail Mountain when a wrong turn set them on course away from the ski area they intended to return to. When they reached the bottom of the mountain, they realized they had traveled too far into the Colorado backcountry.

Luckily, Jesse and six others were traveling the area on snowmobiles and noticed the stranded skiers. Jesse gave the two rides and helped them return back to the ski area. “They definitely were not out of their ability level. They just dropped into a zone they didn’t realize how dangerous it really was,” Jesse says. Jesse had rescued a stranded snow boarder in the exact same area more than a year ago.

Here is the Video of the whole Ordeal

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