Okay, Week 5 of The Bachelor was one of the worst episodes of the show I have ever seen! They have been pushing this dirty girl skinny-dipping scene for a month now and it was sadly as produced as it comes!

Nicki’s one-on-one date had absolutely nothing interesting happen (ohhhh wait, it rained!). Yep, that was the highlight of that date and then she got the rose… Nicki, sorry to point this out, but no one who has ever been married prior to being on the show has ever won that I can remember! You seem like a great girl. RUN FOR THE HILLS WHILE YOU CAN!

The group date was a sad repeat of the baseball date from season four of The Bachelorette. Courtney, you said you didn’t know strippers could play baseball talking about Blakeley but aren’t you the dirty girl who took off all your clothes? Or was that your stunt double? I will have to double check!

Courtney: Why do you think getting naked for Ben is the key to falling in love, or as you say it, the eye on the prize? The guy never marries the “that girl,” honey, and since this is a TV show, if he does marry her, it won’t last, I promise!

Kacie B. is very smart asking Ben about himself. It even got her the group date rose. Nice work, Kacie!

Elyse’s one-on-one date was a tragic casualty of reality TV. NOTE TO ALL FUTURE CONTESTANTS” DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT quit your job or miss a loved one’s wedding to come on this show. YOU WILL NOT FIND LOVE. Ryan and Trista are the only two people out of over 500 who pulled it off on this show — sorry!

Emily, you are another casualty of being produced. NEVER EVER EVER do what a producer tells you to! I feel bad for Emily. She seems like a good girl who the producers have their claws into…

Until next week, I AM OUT!

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