During Monday’s episode I was beginning to wonder if Jenna Jamison was going to host the rose ceremony with Chris Harrison. Let me start by clearing up a few misconceptions about the show! I keep hearing the girls say, “Ben took us here Ben did this!”

Ben hasn’t done anything! Next Entertainment and their multi-million dollar budget did all of these things! When the show is over Ben WILL NOT be flying you to foreign countries and taking you on a new cool date every day!

Getting on a helicoptor on The Bachelor is a common thing! Sorry to burst your bubble Kacie B, because I like you, but this is not a date Ben picked out for you; it’s a repeat date from Season #4 of The Bachelorette which means the producers planned the whole thing.

Producers: here are a few new date ideas for you:
1. White Water Rafting 2. Deep Sea Fishing 3. Dog Sledding 4. Snowmobiling

As for Kacie B., I liked that she brought up the day-to-day activities like grocery shopping and hanging with friends! Those are the real things your going to do once the show is over. I also love that you told Ben about your eating disorder! Don’t let anyone give you crap about it! No one is perfect and everyone has had issues at one time in their life! Keep keepin’ it real girl!

Courtney thinks she’s so much better than the other girls and that she can just take off her clothes to get what she needs out of life. Have a little bit of respect for yourself, hun!

2-on-1 Date with Blakely & Rachel

This was seriously a date with Blakely and her twins. Who is Rachel? Rachel is the girl who kept all her bits and pieces and got the rose!

Kasey S. Ordeal

Every guy or girl who has ever come on this show has an ex-guy or girl back home and probably had some sort of feelings for them, so the fact that the producers just pulled this nonsense out of no where is ridiculous.

Jamie is not going to have a problem getting a date when she gets home! Don’t sweat it Jamie, everyone knows the producers came to you and told you if you didn’t step up your dating game you were going to get sent home! Keep your chin up!

Next week the Courtney show continues in Belize!

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